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Artist Turns Vintage Library Of Congress Photos Into Awesomely Creepy GIFs

If you've never perused the Library of Congress online photography archives, you have not lived. The digital collection is a treasure trove of retro imagery, available to anyone willing to endure its rather tenuous cataloguing system. From daguerreotypes to panoramics, the site's pretty much got everything a history buff/photography nerd could ever want.

So what could be better than the LOC itself? How about Kevin Weir's gorgeous GIFs, which turn monochromatic portraits found in the Library of Congress archives into slightly terrifying black-and-white moving images?


Weir, the art director at NYC's Droga5, used some photoshop trickery to morph pictures of "unknowable places and persons" into downright weird quasi-animations. He debuts his surreal creations on his blog, Flux Machine, which is generally filled with captivating and strange artwork.

Check out some of his black magic below:







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