Kevin Youkilis, Julie Brady Engaged: Tom Brady's Sister Reportedly To Marry Red Sox Star

If Red Sox Nation were ever to become some sort of New England sports kingdom then there is little doubt that the Brady brood would be the royal family. This status is only cemented by the latest matrimonial news from Massachusetts. According to the Boston Herald, Boston Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis is engaged to Julie Brady, sister of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The two had been dating for at least a year, according to the Herald.

This will be Youkilis' second engagement. The Red Sox infielder was married to Enza Sambataro in 2008 (although not legally), the ex-girlfriend of actor Ben Affleck. The couple split up two years later.

Surprisingly, this wouldn't be the first time that high-profile athletes have married into each other's families. Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk is married to the sister of Denver Broncos backup quarterback Brady Quinn, Laura (who's famous for wearing a split jersey of the two when Hawk played for Ohio State and Quinn was at Notre Dame.)