Key And Peele Are Back In Action With Alien Impostors Video

Comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the kings of "yo mama jokes" and Obama impressions, have finally returned to the spotlight.

In a new video clip released Thursday, the stars of Comedy Central's sketch TV show "Key & Peele" have come up with a system to distinguish humans from alien impostors.

"Would you let me date your daughter?" Key asks an older white man in a suit. The duo determines the man's answer, "of course," is a clear sign that he's an alien impostor and he must be taken out. But when the two comedians later encounter a young white girl named Emily who loves Jay-Z and whose best friend is black, they assess that "she's good" and not an alien.

Watch the clip below -- part of the show's upcoming season four premiere on Sept. 24 -- to see Key & Peele back in action: