Key Biscayne's Most Expensive Home And Former Set For 'Miami Vice' On Market For $22.3 Million (PHOTOS)


Does this house look familiar? Does it conjure images of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thoma draped in pastels?

Located at 28 Harbor Point Drive, this home, selling for $22.3 million, is not only Key Biscayne's most expensive home for sale. It also has a place in TV history. It served as the set for various scenes in 'Miami Vice' in 1984.

In episode eight, when Crockett decides to join Tubbs on a date, they're all seen sitting in this home's impressive kitchen. The home would be used again in four other episodes.

These days, the single-family, 2-story home leads a quieter life on the real estate market, going for $22.3 million after a $2.65 million reduction.

Built in 1981, it features all the extravagant features you'll find in South Florida's posh properties: 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a circle drive, 4 garages, 2 car ports, a swimming pool, fireplace, and sauna, among other amenities.

The property is also surrounded on three sides by the ocean and has its own private dock. You know, for quick getaways when running from -- or after -- notorious drugs lords.

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28 Harbor Point Drive

Key Biscayne's Most Expensive Home For Sale

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