The Key to Success

The thing about success is that you have to be willing to leave the luxury and safety of the shore. The good news is: Most of the time, the fears we create for ourselves are far worse than any reality has to offer.
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I'd like to let you in on a little secret. It's something all successful people know. Whether successful in career or love... it makes no difference -- the same secret applies. However, it's something most successful people don't really discuss -- because once one achieves success, he/she often becomes very busy working to sustain it. In addition, there is sometimes a cockiness that occurs once one achieves a certain level of stature, making that individual object to revealing this little secret. Alright, enough build up... you ready?


BUT before I reveal this secret, I want to make it perfectly clear that this highly sought-after "revelation" is quite simple, and it's easy to throw aside with a phrase like "duh" -- however, if you take the time to really sit with it... It. Could. Change. EVERYTHING.

The best way for me to begin is to give a simple analogy. Have you ever gone to the beach, trekked through the hot sand, settled for some spot not far from the water, and then just plopped down from exhaustion? It's quite common, some people sit down and get lost staring off at the ocean for hours, often because of the simple fact that they have no desire to go in the water. Nothing wrong with that, but just for fun, let's dig a bit deeper as to WHY you have no desire to go in. Maybe the water looks too cold? Maybe you had a big lunch and you feel full? Or maybe the waves seem too wild that day and you are simply exhausted? Regardless of the reason, you've chosen to remain on the beach and relax. Again, that is your choice and there is nothing wrong with it. But let's say, that at some point, temptation gets the best of you. You might dip your toe but then ultimately decide that today is just not the day. Or maybe someone throws you in, and after some bitching while counting down the seconds until you can retire back to your towel... you actually give in, start to enjoy yourself, but after a few too many crashing waves... you call it quits. Where am I going with this?

The truth is that MOST people spend the majority of their time relaxing on the beach, daydreaming while attempting to forget their burdens, BUT the key to success is actually DIVING in the water. Not simply dipping your toe or dwelling where the waves crash down, but actually diving in. It's not always the most relaxing, and to be honest, it is almost never easy... at first.

The tide will push you back, it might be freezing, you might have to step through nasty seaweed or get covered in other people's obnoxious litter; however, if you keep pushing forward, past the crashing waves (and your worry)... there will be a shift. The ocean will suddenly get calmer... there will be less seaweed and much less litter, and the cold won't feel so cold anymore. And yes, you may eventually encounter something that scares you... the farther out you go, the greater your chance of running into a shark. In truth, that risk will never go away... but that's the choice you've made. The thing about success is that you have to be willing to leave the luxury and safety of the shore. The good news is: Most of the time, the fears we create for ourselves are far worse than any reality has to offer.

So, in summary, the "secret" as well as the key to success... is diving HEAD FIRST into the waves and continuously moving forward. It's much more work than just sitting on the beach... and you might be treading water for some time because the farther you get from the shore, the deeper the ocean gets. But it also gets easier to float. There is truly nothing like the feeling of lying back and floating deep in the ocean, clearing your mind while gazing at the infinite sky. It's a freedom like no other. There is a peace and satisfaction at having pushed through all the crap. In the end, the important thing to remember is that even when times get tough, you MUST resist the temptation to head back to shore. You see, each time you turn back, it will become increasingly more difficult to build the courage to dive back in... and eventually, you might find yourself sitting alongside the other people watching from afar, wishing they were brave enough to be out there deep in the ocean, diving into the waves and floating confidently under the sun. The choice is yours...

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