Keys To Good Sleep For Police

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Free Sleep Training Video for Police Available Now

Our brave police officers are constantly facing intense danger, stress and extreme work hours that make sleep very difficult. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can lead to impaired thinking, increased health problems, accidents, anxiety, depression, irritability, and impaired work and personal relationships. When a police officer doesn't sleep well, it can put their safety and the safety of the community they have vowed to protect and serve at risk. This is why Sleep Easily is offering a link to a free 35-minute Police Sleep Training Video to any police department, police magazine or association to post on their website.

The video highlights Richard Shane, Ph.D., founder of Sleep Easily, presenting fundamentals of the Sleep Easily Method to the Boulder Police Department. It is designed to help police sleep better and perform more efficiently during their shifts. For many, this video will be a sufficient tool to help them sleep better.

In response to the national discussion about the use of force by officers, many police departments are working on a host of strategies to address the issues, including studying sleep habits.

Shane points out, "Research shows that good sleep can lead to improved decision making, reaction time and safety among police officers. With police and communities nationwide seeking to enhance police safety and effectiveness, improved sleep is a critical and overlooked factor toward a solution"

"My police work hours are 9 PM - 7 AM. Sleep is more difficult if you're working nights and trying to trick your body into sleeping during the day. I found Sleep Easily much more useful than anything else I've experienced in the last 27 years. Take it from someone who improved his daytime sleep in the first week, this system works!"

- Police Sergeant Richard Pantle

In this free 35-minute online video, Dr. Shane shares simple steps from Sleep Easily, a medication-free method with which you learn physical triggers you can use to effortlessly relax your body, mind and emotions into sleep--even if you're stressed. You will also gain knowledge from important studies about police and sleep.

To view the video, please visit After watching, contact Sleep Easily for additional content you can add to your website.

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Richard Shane, Ph.D. is behavioral sleep specialist and founder of Sleep Easily, a medication free sleep solution. See more posts about sleep on Sleep Easily's blog

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