KFC To Give Free Fried Chicken To Family That Found Gigantic Bucket In Front Yard

KFC is planning to offer a free fried chicken picnic to the Georgia family that unexpectedly found a giant KFC bucket on their front lawn, a spokesperson from the company told The Huffington Post on Monday.

The news comes a few days after Waynesboro, Ga. resident Aleena Headrick discovered the KFC bucket, which mysteriously appeared on her property last Thursday, according to WAGT 26.

“I was driving by, I saw this giant Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in my yard, and I thought for sure I was hallucinating,” Headrick explained.

Turns out Headrick’s landlord collects signs and displayed the KFC bucket in front of her house without telling her, according to WAGT 26.

The 7-foot tall sign dates back 30 to 40 years, KFC Spokesperson Rick Maynard told HuffPost.

Despite the initial confusion, all parties appear to have a good sense of humor about it.

“They’ve got the bucket, now they just need the chicken,” Maynard said.



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