KFC's 'Cheese Top Burger': Philippines Locations Unveil Chicken Sandwich With Cheese Atop Bun

KFC's 'Cheese Top Burger' Puts Cheese In Weird Place

kfc philippines cheese top burger

Yes, this is real: KFC Philippines is offering something called the "Cheese Top Burger," a fried chicken patty sandwich with garlic Parmesan dressing and a slice of cheese melted atop the bun.

A post on the company's Facebook page described the dish as "the first and only cheese topped bun burger." Responses have ranged anywhere from enthusiastic to disgusted.

Wrote one Facebook user: "i love cheese so a burger with cheese this much on top is definitely 'SENSORY OVERLOAD.'" On the other side of the spectrum, another wrote plainly, "dumbest idea ever."

KFC Philippines' YouTube page posted an advertisement for the sandwich earlier today -- which we admittedly can't understand -- but then again the message is pretty clear.

Enjoy the wackiness that is the Cheese Top Burger in the video below.

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