KFC Doublicious: Double Down Followup Uses "Sweet Hawaiian Bread" (PHOTO)

KFC Doublicious: Double Down Followup Uses "Sweet Hawaiian Bread" (PHOTO)

It looks like KFC is hopping on its own bandwagon with the KFC Doublicious sandwich. The fast food megachain is preparing to roll out the new sandwich in July, and they're clearly hoping for a Double Down-esque splash. From Fast Food Maven at the OC Register who has been all over the Doublicious, KFC writes in an email message to "fans":

"The brand that created international buzz with the Double Down will make more menu news with a new sandwich this July. And, if you thought our sandwich without a bun was a hit, wait until you see what we're doing with a bun."

Well, this is what they're doing with a bun:

What is it? Fast Food Maven got the scoop: the KFC Doublicious "combines a savory boneless chicken filet with a sweet Hawaiian Bread bun for a one-of-a-kind sweet and savory taste." It consists of an 'Original Recipe filet,' bacon, monterey jack and the infamous 'Colonel's Sauce' that debuted with the Double Down. There's also a grilled version.

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