KFC's Fire Double Down Maxx Looks Like It Might Burn A Hole Through Your Esophagus

The extra 'X' is for EXXTREME.

What's fried and chickeny and red all over? That'd be KFC Korea's Fire Double Down Maxx, the newest member of the Colonel's ever-growing Double Down menu series.

fire double down

The fast food chain's dewy darling features two spicy fried chicken filets, which sandwich a spicy chili sauce, a slice of tomato (health!) and a slice of cheese. The smokin' hot double down is part of KFC's Korea's Fire menu, which includes a Fire Burger and Fire Chicken. The breading of these fiery items are tinted with a reddish hue, to really drive the message home. The sandwich is currently available only in Korea and costs about $4.37.

If you didn't know, the infamous Double Down -- a carnivore's dream, a vegetarian's nightmare -- forgoes the classic fast food bun for two pieces of fried chicken. Since its inception, the Double Down has been rendered in many thoughtful forms across the world, including "zinger" and hot dog iterations. Only a higher power (The Colonel) could possibly know what's next for Double Down.

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Before You Go

Burger King Japan's Black Cheese Burger
Burger King Japan
Go on, sink your teeth into a black cheese burger. You needn't add a thing -- it's loaded with black ketchup, too.

Doesn't that feel good? Now the color of your mouth indicates that you've been eating a bowl of tar for lunch, and you will be judged as such until the end of time. There has never been any reason to eat food blackened with squid ink and bamboo charcoal, but for some reason this is not the first time BK Japan fiddled with the production of a black burger.
Taco Bell's Waffle Taco
Taco Bell
No one should be eating breakfast at Taco Bell, but this year the company released a breakfast menu anyway. This makes my blood boil.

Most disturbing on the menu is the Waffle Taco, which consists of sausage and eggs folded into a soft waffle, topped with maple syrup.

If you eat a Taco Bell Waffle Taco for breakfast, your day is destined to feel similar to a flaccid, defrosted waffle oozing with unidentifiable meat products. Don't do that to yourself. You deserve better.
KFC's Chicken Corsage
This may be the most sickening thing to happen to prom since Carrie left the gym covered in pig's blood. Each KFC corsage kit comes with a $5 KFC gift card, which customers are meant to bring to their local KFC and cash in for the chicken of their choosing. No one should ever experience the smell combination of crispy fried chicken and baby's breath.
Dunkin' Donuts Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich
Dunkin' Donuts
Do you know what puts the Benedict in Eggs Benedict? Hollandaise sauce. Do you know what hollandaise sauce is? A mixture of egg yolks and clarified butter. It should be light and a little runny.

Dunkin' themselves knew they weren't going to be able master this, so they whipped up a sauce with a cream cheese consistency. DD's Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler said he made this choice because, "Our employees are used to putting cream cheese on bagels very quickly, so this is no different." Frauds.
Burger King's Yumbo Breakfast Sandwich
In 1974, the "Yumbo" was retired from Burger King's menu. For some inexplicable reason, the chain decided to bring back the sandwich in December of this year. Deli meat is gross enough as it is, but now you can get a HOT HAM SANDWICH with AMERICAN CHEESE and MAYO from the BURGER JOINT. Yumbo should have been kept inside the vault... forever.
Pizza Hut's Cock-A-Doodle Bacon Pie
Pizza Hut
WTF? Just the name of this menu item is heinous enough to make me want give up pizza forever. Is it a pun about waking up or about roosters? Is one supposed to eat this pizza for breakfast?

The pie is made of garlic, Parmesan sauce, grilled chicken, hardwood smoked bacon and diced tomatoes with a Parmesan crust. That all sounds innocuous enough, but the way this pizza's been branded puts it in the "horrifying" category.
Wendy's Entire BBQ Pulled Pork Menu
The process of making pulled pork is typically slow and earnest: The meat is shredded with a fork, thoughtfully seasoned and smoked for 4 to 5 hours until it's tender. It is bewildering, then, how Wendy's transformed the labor-intensive dish into a fast food item. If asked how they did it, Wendy's would probably answer with, "Amurrica."

Wendy's offers a bbq pulled pork cheeseburger, sandwich and cheese fries. Each item can be customized with three sad sauces.
Burger King Japan's Breakfast Spam And Cheese Burgers
Burger King Japan
Burger King Japan makes the promise that "It's gonna be a great day," so long as you eat a slice of Spam, topped with pickles, cheese, mayo and lettuce. Their sentiment is offensive.
Sonic's Cheesy Bread Dogs
Sonic Drive In
Fact: Sonic Burger is primarily a "drive-in" restaurant. Other fact: No one should eat a greasy hot dog smothered in bacon and cheese inside of a vehicle. Your car's upholstery is doomed.
Burger King Canada's Poutine A La Burger
This is crude. Poutine is a staple comfort food in Canada. Fries are topped with gravy and a bit of cheese curds. Burger King made an attempt to capitalize off this with poutine à la burger, a spin-off that uses ingredients mostly found in the standard BK kitchen. Their version uses BK fries, cheese curds, gravy, mustard, ketchup, pickles and chopped Whopper.

This looks heinously difficult to eat. Just imagine ordering it on a road trip. The steering wheel would be smothered in gravy.
KFC Korea's Zinger Double Down King
KFC Korea
The Double Down, made of two slabs of fried chicken, bacon and some cheese is practically diet food compared to Korea's addition of the "zinger." The zinger, you see, is the addition of a meat patty inside. It is a sandwich made of fat and it is a crime against digestion.
McDonald's Japan Crab Croquette
McDonald's Japan
Think for a moment: Where is the last place on earth you'd want to consume a crab sandwich? Yes! The answer is at McDonald's.

According to RocketNews24, this dusted "croquette" consists of snow crab meat smothered in "Sauce Américaine" (what?), topped with lettuce and tomato sauce. Please, no.
Burger King Japan's Mush'N'Cheese
Burger King Japan
Excuse? Mush'N'Cheese? Pronounced masshu ando chiizu in Japanese, this vulgar creation features a black pepper beef patty and is topped with four types of mushroom and a variety of cheeses. It sounds like a pretty standard fast food item, save for its name, which manically thrusts the body into a gag-reflex mode.

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