KFC Mashed Potatoes Photo: Woman Fired For Sharing Image Of Licking Food

KFC Employee Fired For Photo Of Licking Mashed Potatoes

Another day, another lesson on things you should not share on social media. A KFC employee was fired after posting a photo on Facebook of her licking (or getting really close to licking) a tub of mashed potatoes, reports The Johnson City Press.

As is wont to happen, the photo went somewhat viral, or traveled enough to at least reach the eyes of KFC parent company Yum Brands, WDRB in Louisville, Ky., reported.

The photo made its way to the Facebook page of WJHL News Channel 11 in Johnson City, Tenn. As the photo gained traction, WJHL reached out to KFC to learn more. Spokesman Rick Maynard responded that the food was never served to customers and both the employee in the photo and the employee that took the photo have been terminated.

While this food safety incident is on the milder side -- especially since the food was never served -- there have been several similar scandals involving fast food and social media. Last year, a Burger King employee posted a photo of himself stomping in lettuce. And who could forget the Taco Bell employee that urinated on nachos?

Here's the WJHL news report:

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