Oklahoma KFC Shows Sex Scene

An Oklahoma family who went to KFC for dinner was willing to pay good money to see some thighs and breasts. But they didn't expect to see those parts wiggling in sexual congress.

That's what happened last Thursday to Gerald and April Whalen when they ate at a KFC in Edmond, Oklahoma with their six-year-old twin boys and saw an explicit sex scene on an overhead TV.

“I was flabbergasted,” Gerald Whalen told KOCO TV. “I looked up from my plate, and we're talking full nudity.”

In order to avoid arousing the interest of the twins, the parents tried not to react to the kinky footage. That was hard to do because of the moaning and heavy breathing emanating from the screen.

The Whalens initially thought there was a pornographic film on the TV, but it was later identified as merely a sexually explicit scene from the racy Starz show, Outlander, according to

Gerald Whalen filmed the x-rated video with his phone while another customer griped to employees.

“The manager came running out and flipped the TV off really quick,” Gerald Whalen told KDVR. “I think she actually unplugged it.”

The corporate headquarters of the fried chicken giant apologized in a statement to TV station KOCO.

"We apologize for any negative dining experiences. This was an isolated incident, and we are taking measures to ensure programming like this cannot be accessed in the future."

The KFC location that showed the offending clip has also promised to restrict sure certain channels won't be able to be accessed again.

Gerald Whalen told that he hopes no one gets fired job over the unseemly mixup.

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