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KFC Shrimp Stars And Fish Donuts Now Available In Singapore

Well -- today we learned that Shrimp Stars exist at KFC Singapore. Shortly thereafter, we learned that Singaporean KFCs are also slinging Fish Donuts. And now we've thrown our hands into the air because ridiculous fast food options abroad have begun to make our over-sized burgers and other crazy concoctions look awfully boring.

kfc shrimp star

KFC Shrimp Stars are kind of exactly what they sound like -- a shrimp nugget molded into a star shape, then breaded and deep fried. This new offering can be purchased as part of a "Snackers" combo deal for 3.95 Singapore Dollars (which comes to about $3.15). We didn't realize, however, that while digging for the perfect picture of shrimp stars, we would come across THESE.

kfc fish donuts

Why didn't anyone make a big deal about Fish Donuts yet? FISH DONUTS. Let that sink in. While we're sure these two fried seafood options would perturb American consumers more than a little, we have to say that we're starting to think the Double-Down is a total snooze-fest.

What do you think?

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