Taco Bell/KFC Employee Quits Via Readerboard (VIDEO)

Working in fast food isn't exactly considered a dream job, so we could imagine working at one of those two-in-one fast food chains to be doubly worse. At least one employee of the Depew, New York combination Taco Bell/KFC would agree (or so we'd think) after seeing the epic way in which he quit.

As you can see in the photo above, Adam was not very happy with his gig and decided to go out with a bang, printing the message "I quit - Adam / **** you :)" on the readerboard outside. In the news segment below from Channel 4 we learn why he left his night shift manager duties. Apparently he was mad about having to work on July 4 -- after 22 days without a day off.

Adam, you may not have an income right now, but welcome to the "awesome way to quit your job" club.