Khadijah Muhammad, Waitress With Financial Troubles, Receives $1,075 Tip On $29.30 Bill

Waitress With Financial Troubles Receives 'Miracle' Tip On $29.30 Bill

When a waitress at a restaurant in Knoxville, Tenn., saw that a family she'd served left their check turned upside down on the table, she figured they'd given her a bad tip.

But when Khadijah Muhammad turned the bill over, she found a $1,075 gratuity for the $29.30 check, WBIR reported.

Muhammad had recently returned from Ohio, where she'd rushed to be with her mother who'd suffered a heart attack, according to the station. She missed so much work she realized she'd need "a miracle" to pay her utility bills, she told WBIR.

That miracle was that generous family.

Kind patrons have made headlines for their generosity before.

In January, a patron at a Cracker Barrel in Nebraska left an 18-year-old waitress a tip of more than $6,000 so the young woman could remain in school at Trinity Bible College. And last October, three guys from GiveBackFilms tipped a hardworking IHOP waitress $200 and filmed her reaction.

h/t KVUE

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