Khan Academy iPad App Launches With Free, Educational Videos On Apple Tablet

Popular video education hub Khan Academy launched an iPad application featuring more than 2,700 free videos on March 11.

The app, which is now available for download on iTunes, allows a wide range of users to browse through videos covering topics including chemistry, finance and history.

Some are saying the non-profit organization's foray into the tablet world is solidifying Khan Academy as a key player in the education sector.

The app gives users the ability to sync videos between devices without needing an Internet connection, Lauren Landry of BostInno reports. In addition, users will be able to jump back and forth through the material -- much like students do with books -- as well as interact with lectures and take the material home with them to review at a later time.

The ability to access content without an Internet connection is crucial for users who are on the go.

"If you're going on a road trip or if you're taking mass transit and you don't have cell service, or whatever, you can get the content," Jason Rosoff, lead designer of the Khan Academy, told the International Business Times.

Although it might be a while before iPads completely replace textbooks, similar applications are helping pave the way for change.

TED, another non-profit organization, launched its own education-focused iPad application, TED-Ed, on Monday.

Much like Khan Academy, TED-Ed's app features instructional online videos, but the organization is concentrating on using "sophisticated animation, professional editing and high-quality production values" to deliver short educational tutorials aimed at high school and college students, the Washington Post reports.

Project director Logan Smal­ley told the Post the application initially features about 12 videos but that the library should grow to about 300 videos within a year.

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