Khan on Khan

It’s often difficult to pen an honest piece when one feels so biased or passionate about a particular subject or topic. But I am, if not anything, brutally honest so here goes. I think for me the speeches  that stood out at last week’s DNC wasn’t that of Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. It was Michael Bloomberg, VP Biden and of course Khizr Khan (whose son was killed in action in Iraq). We all knew what to expect from President Obama, the First Lady and from Hillary Clinton. But Michael Bloomberg’s speech was damning and coming from a New York businessman, made it sound so credible and first-hand knowledge of the business dealings of Trump…was so insightful. Then came ‘honest Joe’ aka, Vice President Joe Biden. I’d never really heard him speak before but his views were refreshing, honest, to the point, brilliant and he spoke from the heart to the people. He didn’t pull any punches and for me his speech was the second best. The crowning moment for me in so many ways, not least because I was totally thrown aback was, the speech made by Khizr Khan. His son was killed while serving his country in Iraq. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.

Khizr Khan’s speech surprised me not just because of how eloquent he was given the fact that English wasn’t his first language but, by how he expressed his utter contempt for Donald Trump. That one line ‘Donald Trump, let me ask you, have you ever read the United States Constitution’. He then pulled out of his jacket a pocket size version of the U.S. Constitution. He continued….‘if not then, I will gladly lend you my copy’. That for me spoke volumes. Here was a proud father and mother who weren’t famous, who had probably until then zero political leanings, who sacrificed and paid the ultimate price a parent could with the loss of their son. Here was a man who was both enraged and angry at Trump for wanting to throw him and his family and millions of Muslims like him, out of the country. Muslims who’ve contributed to the very fabric of American society way before Islamic terrorism or radicalism was even born. Muslims who love America and show loyalty, respect for the beliefs of this great nation and what it stands for. The crowd knew it and I’m sure everyone watching knew it. Of course Donald Trump had never read the Constitution or had very little knowledge of it. That’s what made it so poignant. It was blindingly obvious that Trump simply had no clue, none at all.

Mr Trump now says he was ‘viciously attacked by Mr Khan’. Dude, you have no idea what vicious means. That wasn’t vicious and stop overplaying it in true dramatic Trump style. Vicious is the way you attack minorities and allow your voters or those attending your rallies to get rough and aggressive with those spectators who exercise their constitutional right, ‘freedom of speech’. Your relentless attack on the Khan family is uncalled for. Picking on a Golden Family is simply, not right for so many reasons. But then anything and anyone is fair game for you from women to handicapped journalists. The problem with you Mr Trump, and I hope you never reach high office is, you take things so personally. I guess it really does take just a simple world of two or, a tweet to bait you. You’re a loose cannon and totally unpredictable. I suspect Mike Pence and his entire team are wondering (secretly) what the hell you’re doing?? You have a lose mouth, you don’t think, you’re brash and abrasive, you’re ignorant of so much in the world that what you say is effectively things you’ve picked up from your youngest son and what he’s taught at school, at best.  As Khizr Khan said ‘you have a black soul’ and you ‘have no empathy’.


Your shot at the Khan family is just one example of just how hot headed and vindictive you are. Here is a Golden family who are exercising their right to free speech and because they were given an opportunity to speak at the DNC, they’re now seen as political and therefore fair game. Keep going Mr Trump because you’re showing the American people your true colours. This is just one of many examples of how you deal with people. Instead of denying their accusations and having empathy for them you choose instead to take a cheap shot at Mrs Khan and coat it with ‘people tell me’. Just who are these people you keep talking about? Mrs Khan clearly looked distraught and unable to say a word as she was very upset but that doesn’t matter because you have all your prejudices and hang ups about Muslims and Islamic beliefs. Well, thankfully, in media interviews she’s now having her say and been given ample opportunity to respond. Mr and Mrs Khan will be your undoing. You have very neatly shown your true colours and this time against a Golden family. You lack utter compassion and respect for people like Mr and Mrs Khan. You have no idea what a Golden family is, do you really. In fact you have no idea what he’s referring to in his speech when he made reference to one particular section of the US Constitution. You’re now being reigned in by those more politically astute than you as clearly you have no tact, discipline or real concept of how the real world works. Might I suggest you break down rather than build walls that clearly guard you and your prejudices and embrace ‘all people of this great nation’.

In summation, get a grip, stop being petty and realize when to shut up!!

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