It Looks Like Khloe Kardashian Is Launching A Body-Positive Denim Brand

And *you* could be the star of it.

They can, at times, have interesting ways of showing it, but there is no denying the Kardashians have this whole body acceptance thing down pat.

That can especially be said of Khloe, who has always shared her health journey with fans and continuously champions curves and body positivity.

So, what do you do when you're a Kardashian and want to continue spreading your message of acceptance? Why, you launch another business venture, of course! From the looks of an Instagram post on Wednesday night, the 31-year-old is launching a new denim brand, and she wants you to star in it.

"I'm looking for beautiful, powerful women to star with me in a new campaign for my new denim brand! Details at," she wrote beneath a photo of her in full glam.

The language on the website is, of course, pretty cryptic. Stating that "The body revolution is here," it adds declarations like "we do not look to authoritarian fashion titles for guidance," and "We are all good, regardless of our shape and heritage."

To be considered for the project, entrants have to submit a photo of themselves and fill out a short form. But before you get too excited, consider that the shoot takes place May 9 (just four days from now) and if selected, you are responsible for "all costs and expenses, including travel & lodging."

But ... that will all pretty much pay for itself once you get tagged in Khloe's Instagram and your followers shoot through the roof, right?

We have so many questions. Namely, what does GA stand for? Great A**? Graham, Ashley? The possibilities are endless.

Head to GA Project to learn more about the secret project.

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