Khloe Kardashian Odom And Mario Lopez On 'X Factor USA': 4 Reasons They Are The Most Awkward Hosts Of All Time

4 Reasons Khloe And Mario Are The Most Awkward Hosts Of All Time

We just don't get it, "X Factor USA." We know your hosts -- Khloe Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez -- aren't actually this awkward. Khloe totally strings together sentences on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," and if we're being real here, Mario Lopez's dimples should theoretically be able to host the show by themselves.

So, why is is that we find ourselves cringing every other minute when we watch these 2 hosts on "X Factor USA" every week? What gives?

Here are 4 theories we've come up with for why they are, inexplicably, the most awkward hosting duo on air right now.

1. They are not being given a script. For the sake of our faith in television and all that is good in the world, we don't want to believe there was a prompter telling Khloe to say this to Simon: "I was told by ['American Idol' host Ryan] Seacrest that if I sat on your lap, this is what makes you excited."

2. ... but also they are super overscripted. WHAT is "voting"? WHAT is an "iPhone"? WHAT is a "Ke$ha"? Whenever he tries to explain it to us, Mario sounds so hackneyed that we constantly expect "Saved By The Bell"'s Zack Morris to come out onstage to call a "time out" on A.C.

3. Even though they're not Britney-levels of famous, they each have personalities that are too big. Between the HUGE characters that are Brit, Demi Lovato, and Simon Cowell (not to mention the performances themselves), the audience needs facilitators who can keep the show moving smoothly. Bland and cookie-cutter people *cough Ryan Seacrest* would be less distracting so we can keep our focus on the contestants.

4. They're secretly being paid by "The Voice." This would explain a lot.

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