Khloe Kardashian On The Hide-And-Seek Game That Went Horribly Wrong

"I woke up to the bed shaking and I was too scared to leave."
Memory, be gone!
Memory, be gone!
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Talk about every child's real-life nightmare.

On last night's "Kocktails With Khloe," Khloe Kardashian got real with her famous guests about accidentally getting trapped under Kris and Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner's bed while they had sex.

"I was playing hide-and-go-seek when I was younger and I fell asleep ... under my mom and Bruce's bed," Khloe said. "And I woke up to the bed shaking and I was too scared to leave, so I had to wait for the whole thing."

As the guests gawked at hearing about the obviously traumatizing situation, Khloe said the moaning gave away the "wild" situation.

"My mom feels bad about it still," the reality star added. "We talk about it all the time. I'm like, 'You guys, I'm scarred for life. That's why I am the way that I am.'"

And while Khloe (and the rest of the world) isn't okay with listening to other people have sex -- she's all for some dirty talk in bed. On her website on Wednesday, Khloe talked about what she likes to hear.

"I believe in dirty talk," Khloe wrote. "Communicating during sex is a MUST, and I actually think it's rude if you're not vocal, LOL. If my guy isn't vocal, I'm not excited. How am I supposed to know if he's enjoying himself? I don't even care what you actually say, either -- to me, that's not the important part."

Whatever you say, Khloe!

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