Khloe TP'ing Kourtney's House Amid A Toilet Paper Shortage Is A New Kardashian Low

Who thought this was a good idea?

Some people can’t find toilet paper to buy, but Khloe Kardashian is out here wasting it for an extremely ill-timed prank targeting sister Kourtney Kardashian.

No one has ever accused the KarJenner clan of being in step with the struggles of normal, non-famous types (see: “Kim, there are people that are dying” meme) but the family’s plummeted to a new level of yikes with their latest controversy during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Absolutely failing to read the room, Khloe and nephew Mason Disick decided to waste numerous rolls of toilet paper by TP’ing her sister’s mansion in Calabasas, California, over the weekend for an early Mother’s Day prank.

Kourtney captured the aftermath on her Instagram Stories on Saturday, calling the move “actually genius” and promising revenge.

“So I haven’t had this much excitement in months. This is what Mason and KoKo do when they have a sleepover,” Kourtney said, laughing, as she panned the camera across her yard.

Momager Kris Jenner later shared her reaction to the prank, while driving by the Poosh founder’s house.

“Somebody got their house toilet papered last night,” she said on Instagram Stories. “Kourtney, who’d do you piss off?”

Well, turns out, the entire internet, as people immediately called Khloe and Kourtney out for being insensitive, given that toilet paper is a precious commodity for many these days.

The panic surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has created a severe toilet paper shortage in much of the U.S. due to stockpiling and overuse, leaving many shelves in grocery stores and pharmacies empty.

While stocks of in-demand brands have started to return to normal levels, 48% of the nation’s grocery stores were out of stock of toilet paper for some part of the day as recently as April 19, according to a Reuters report. So seeing wealthy reality stars cavalierly squander a necessity during these times just hits differently.

Khloe and Kourtney have yet to respond to the backlash, but this isn’t exactly the first eyebrow the family has raised during widespread quarantines. Last month, Kylie Jenner appeared to break social distancing guidelines to reunite with her BFF, while Kendall Jenner was spotted on a road trip with NBA star Devin Booker across state lines despite California’s stay at home order.

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