Kia Graves, Woman Allegedly Raped By Pizza Delivery Boy: 'I Sleep With One Eye Open'

A New York woman who said she was raped by a pizza delivery boy as she slept is speaking publicly for the first time since the alleged attack.

Kia Graves, 37, said that her 7-year-old daughter was sleeping next to her when suspect Cesar Lucas, a pizza delivery boy, snuck into her 10th-floor luxury apartment and sexually assaulted her. According to CBS New York, the door had been left unlocked because the victim's mother lived across the hall.

According to police, Lucas was delivering a pizza to a neighboring apartment when he saw that the door was ajar and entered Graves' unit in Sept. 2012.

Graves said he muffled her cries for help by holding his hand over her mouth.

“I have nightmares thinking that he’s getting out of jail, and I wake up all the time making sure my door is locked,” Graves told the Daily News. "I sleep with one eye open... I live in fear."

Lucas is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, on his 17th birthday. He faces charges of rape, burglary, sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to CBS New York, Lucas will be tried as an adult.

The station reported that Lucas had a previous arrest for breaking into an apartment while delivering pizza.

Graves is also suing her building management company, the doorman who was on duty the night of the alleged attack (who lost his job over the incident), and the pizza restaurant that Lucas worked for, which is owned by his father.

Graves, a single mother and actress who has appeared in films and television, still lives in the apartment where the attack took place.



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