Falling For Your BFF? Here's How To Deal

Having a crush on your BFF doesn’t have to be weird. Just ask Kiana Brown.

In a video from AwesomenessTV, the singer gets real about liking her male best friend and finding out he liked her back. Actually, he ended up telling her he loved her, but it totally worked for Kiana because of the foundation their friendship had created.

“It was actually a really good thing because we were already so far ahead in our relationship than most relationships,” she said.

The two are still together today, but not all relationships have a happy ending. Kiana understands the fear of rejection that comes with coming clean to your best friend, but that shouldn't stand in your way. For her, rejection doesn’t mean the end of a friendship, and you should still take a chance.

“My advice if you like your male best friend is to just go for it because you’re not going to know whether it will work out or not if you don’t just try. And it might work out in your favor like it did for me.”

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  • RSPCA/John Charlwood
  • RSPCA/John Charlwood