This Bonkers College Kickoff Return Begins In The Worst Way Imaginable

Cory Carignan of Minot State was headed for disaster but became an ESPN highlight.

He could always tell his grandkids that he planned it that way.

With his team already trailing 15-0 to host Minnesota Duluth on Thursday, Minot State’s Cory Carignan was about to make it worse. He dropped the kickoff and scrambled into the end zone to retrieve the ball. Then he appeared to be in the clutches of a few defenders. And then, wow.

Carignan, a freshman receiver, was credited with a 100-yard touchdown return, according to the box score. But he ran a helluva lot more than that.

Unfortunately for Carignan and his team, the scoring ended there. Minnesota Duluth won, 52-7. But the young player will always have his viral moment ― and the No.1 play on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10.