Here's Where All That Kickstarter Funding Money Went

Kickstarter has reached its billionth-dollar pledge since its start in April 2009.

The site allows filmmakers, inventors, artists, writers and any other creative minds to post their ideas in an appeal to the masses for fundraising. Anyone can pledge donations (as low as $1) to help fund an idea they find worthwhile. Some of the biggest triumphs include projects like virtual reality gaming platform Oculus Rift and the upcoming Veronica Mars movie.

To celebrate its $1 billion milestone, the folks at the crowd-funding platform put together a lovely infographic detailing the company's highlights and major successes. For another look at the startup's success, take a look at these visualizations (below) from designer and blogger Miles Grimshaw, showing just where all that money has gone to.

The first map shows the number of successful Kickstarter projects as they were funded by days over time. Go ahead and let it hypnotize you for a few minutes.

The second map shows the cumulative number of successfully funded Kickstarter projects around the world.

The third and final map breaks the success projects into categories.

To see Grimshaw's methods for making these maps, check out his original blog post.