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Kickstarter Gets Saucey

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One of my favorite traits of millennial entrepreneurs is the innate desire to infuse their passion and world views into their businesses. It's a concept that deeply resonates with me with EJH Brand and is a trait that instantly bonds so many young entrepreneurs as we journey through the startup world.

Marlene Bernstein of Savour This Sauce exemplifies exactly what I'm talking about. A personal friend and one heck of an entrepreneur, she's a smart, fun, passionate, and talented business lady who is, along with her brother Michael, changing the world one sauce at a time with her locally sourced, seasonal, vegan and gluten-free sauces and dressings.

Currently, Savour This Sauce offers three signature flavors: Thai Chile Cilantro, Red Pepper Romesco (my personal favorite), and Pistachio Mint. They've shown their sauces all across Southern California to rave reviews and have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to take their brand to the next level.

With a target goal to raise $30,000, Savour This Sauce is planning to create a shelf stable product, work on increasing their production capacity, acquire storage space and kick up their marketing campaign. What a pleasure it will be to see this lovely pair of entrepreneurs take their passion to the next level and bring Savour This Sauce to market.

I encourage you to check out Savour This Sauce on their kickstarter campaign.

Mar, your sauce is going to kill it. #letsgetsaucey