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Kickstarter Projects: 7 Cool Design Ideas That You Can Make Into A Reality (PHOTOS)

As design enthusiasts, we often like to browse through the creative projects featured on Kickstarter, a website that allows designers and artists to promote their cool products and ask for support and necessary funds from their friends, family and the general public in order to bring their ideas to life. We're always so impressed with the array of fabulous items that these folks have invented and the interesting stories behind them. And then there are the incredible Kickstarter success stories, like the design duo whose idea for a mason jar cocktail shaker netted nearly $50,000 in donations (though they had only asked for $5,000). Or, the speakers that needed only $10,000 to be made, yet inspired nearly $100,000 in donations. Curious? Then click through our roundup of the 7 Kickstarter projects that we couldn't stop talking about.

9 Kickstarter Projects