One Feminist Artist Is Building A 6-Foot Vagina For Reproductive Rights

Glorious Kickstarter Will Build A Six-Foot Vagina To Benefit Texas Women

For every questionable Kickstarter in which your high school acquaintance is trying to mobilize a movement to fund his spring break, there's an unlikely grassroots project that makes us excited to be living in the age of the internet.

One of such projects is called "Texas Women," and it's the brainchild of a badass individual named Chloe. "I am ready to say 'fuck you' to the rich, white men in Texas who are limiting my rights to my own body and I am ready to make something hilarious," she states in her Kickstarter profile.


That "something hilarious" is a six-foot vagina sculpture, a human-size ode to the place we all call home -- and in case you were curious, it will be built to scale. Chloe will blog about the process as she's creating the work, and eventually sell the biologically accurate masterpiece, donating proceeds to help women across Texas.

Chloe explains on her website:

"Recently in Texas, women's reproductive rights have been taken away at an alarming rate, there are now a handful of cities that have clinics for providing abortions. Many women must travel hundreds of miles and stay overnight in these cities and that is why I want to help. Abortions already cost a good deal of money, adding hotel, food and transportation on top of that can get crazy. I want to start a group that provides housing, meals, and transportation to women who are traveling for the procedure.


Chloe's project resolves to provide funds to women affected by HB2, an anti-abortion bill that closed almost half of Texas' clinics. The bill requires doctors to forge relationships with hospitals before treating patients there, a requirement that seems simple yet often proves surprisingly difficult due to the religious and political aspects of the abortion debate. "It has just really taken over, in a sense, because it has such the potential for shutting down clinics," Elizabeth Nash, state-issues manager for the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports abortion rights, told The Washington Post.

The project has already surpassed it's $600 goal. However, you can still contribute to this inspiring endeavor before the fundraising window closes on December 3. Who knows what Chloe will do with all the extra funds? Build more vaginas, build a bigger vagina... The options are endless. Whatever the artist chooses to do with the extra cash, we're pretty certain she'll use the money as best she can to provide support to Texas women in need. This vagina sculpture Kickstarter really puts the dick drawing Kickstarter to shame.

Visit the campaign page to learn more and, if you're interest is piqued, educate yourself with our brief history of vaginas in art.

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