Let This Kid's On-Point Bat Flip Guide Your Monday

He has no haters, and neither should you.

Watch out, Bryce Harper. The boldest, smoothest-swinging left-handed hitter in the United States isn't you anymore, bud.

His reach, swing and follow-through would make any batting instructor blush with joy. This kid has a natural stroke -- perhaps even a prodigious one -- but thousands of children can swing a plastic bat well. 

Only one, however, can swing a bat with so much confidence that the bat itself becomes unworthy of the hitter's talents. It's time to level up. Flip that thing aside, kiddo. 

In life, we're all just trying to find our own bat to flip. What's the next step? Where do we go next? Will that kid's bat ever land in the grass? 

Only you can find the answers to those questions, but as you seek them this Monday, do it with this little man's level of panache. 


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