Kid Cudi Shoves Fan Off Stage At Houston Concert (VIDEO)

Most artists rely on security to tame unruly fans during concerts. Not Kid Cudi, who is perfectly capable of handling that himself, as evidenced at the rapper's Houston gig earlier this week.

Cudi was performing "Cudi Zone" when the incident occurred. Clad in a space-suit onesie with flames erupting behind him, the rapper appears fully immersed in his performance until, out of nowhere, a man is spotted making his way across the stage. Without missing a beat, Cudi hurls his way toward the man and shoves him repeatedly until the fan tumbles to the floor. By that point, security guards can be seen dashing across the stage to intervene. "Not on my watch," Cudi declares as he turns back to the crowd.

The rapper already had a reputation for lashing out at boisterous fans, including punching someone who tossed a wallet onto the stage at a 2009 show. We'd say this is comparatively tamer, but still -- security is on hand for a reason, so let's bring it back down to Earth, Cudder.

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