Kid Dances To 'Cuban Pete' By A Crowded Poolside, Shakes It Like He Just Don't Care

This Kid's Killer Dance Moves Will Bring You Joy

So you think you can dance? We bet you can’t hold a candle to this kid.

In a wildly entertaining video, a twinkle-toed boy named Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia offers his own take on Jim Carrey’s memorable “Cuban Pete” dance from “The Mask” -- shimmying, shaking and even cartwheeling his way around a crowded swimming pool.

The exuberant dance routine was captured on video by Garcia’s aunt in Monterrey, Mexico. To date, it’s been viewed more than 5.5 million times on Facebook.

Watch Garcia’s terrific performance in the video above. Warning: You won’t be able to keep that smile off your face.

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