Toddler Gets Out Of Eating Veggies In Fiendishly Clever Way

Elmo had no comment.

Some 2-year-olds just can’t stomach the thought of eating their veggies, but one little girl went to fairly elaborate means to avoid getting her greens.

A redditor who goes by the name of kiky23 recently posted a picture captioned: “My toddler said she finished her veggies.”

As you can see, the actual picture told a much different story. It seems the daughter didn’t actually eat her green beans, preferring to simply shove them into the mouth of her Elmo doll.

However, Mom’s intuition flared up and she went to check the table, where she saw the Elmo doll lying there defeated next to the dinner plate.

According to Mom, her daughter had actually closed Elmo’s mouth to hide the evidence, before announcing that she was done.

The girl’s attempt at veggie avoidance might have failed, but the mom admits a grudging respect at the fiendishly evil plot.

The Huffington Post attempted to reach out to the mom but has not yet heard back. Elmo, however, had no comment.



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