Awesome Kid Caught Doing Dishes While Dancing To 'Smooth Criminal' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Awesome Kid Caught Doing Dishes To 'Smooth Criminal'

No matter what age you are in life, two things are always true: doing the dishes is awful and you can't hear a Michael Jackson song without wanting to dance.

Little Frankie, above, totally gets this. He was "caught" by his father with a video camera while doing the dishes and simultaneously getting down to MJ's "Smooth Criminal." Luckily, dear old dad was kind enough to post it on Reddit.

If we were Frankie, we wouldn't be too upset with dad about our newfound viral status. Not only are his moves pretty legit, but if he's seen the "Star Wars" boy footage or almost any other video on YouTube, he should know this is nowhere near the most embarrassing "caught in the act" moments on the Internet.

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