Scoot Airlines Offers Child-Free Zones On Planes

Another airline has created child-free zones on their planes.

Scoot, a budget Singapore-based airline, will enact "ScootinSilence," where passengers can be upgraded to a 41-seat cabin of the plane (rows 21 to 25) where children under the age of 12 are banned for roughly $14USD, according to the Telegraph.

What's more, the child-free cabin--for a seating plan on the plane, click here--will have more legroom than the rest of the airplane.

Of the move, Campbell Wilson, the airline's CEO, said, "No offense to our young guests or those traveling with them - you still have the rest of the aircraft."

The airline, which primarily flies from Singapore to Sydney and Australia's Gold Coast, isn't the first of its kind. AirAsia X announced plans to offer a quiet zone last year (it went into effect earlier this year) and Malaysia Airlines famously became the trendsetter when they banned infants from first class in 2011 (they designated a no-kids zone in economy class last year).

So now the question remains: How do you feel about child-free zones on planes? Leave it in comments below.

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