Kid President Interviews Beyonce, Lands A Smooch To Support World Humanitarian Day (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kid President Interviews And Smooches Beyonce For Great Cause!

Not even Beyonce can resist the mini-Prez and his crazy shenanigans -- especially when he is advocating for a good cause.

After appealing to her in a recent video, Kid President sat down with Beyonce for one of the most adorable interviews ever, in which he not only promoted today's U.N. World Humanitarian Day campaign but also scored a kiss with Bey.

During the interview, Beyonce expressed her thoughts on the importance of World Humanitarian Day, which honors altruists and aid workers who have lost their lives serving others.

"I think it is so important for us to take some time and be unselfish and have compassion," she told him. "Because, we really can impact the world."

Queen Bey also shared her thoughts on how she thinks humanity can improve for the better.

"I think the world needs more strong, empowered men and women," she said. "So, I'd say, I think the world needs more strength."

In honor of World Humanitarian Day, the U.N. is hosting a social media campaign under the hashtag, #theworldneedsmore. Entertainers like Beyonce, Kid President, and Brazilian author Paulo Coelho will be joining the campaign, tweeting what they feel the world needs more of. For every retweet, corporations partnered with the U.N. -- such as, Barclays and Intel -- will donate $1 to benefit various United Nations-sponsored humanitarian causes.

On his Twitter account, Kid President shared feel-good characteristics that he not only consistently embodies, but which he feels could make the world a better place, as well.

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