Kid President Tells The Story Of MLK In This Charming Video

Kid President is back at it again -- delivering an insightful message to viewers about an important history lesson we should all be familiar with: the story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Filled with his usual humor, wisdom and wit, the 11-year-old tells the beloved tale of Dr. King in his own charming way and echoes one key message we could all stand to practice: Spread love, not hate.

“MLK grew up to be a great man of course, but things weren’t all that great in the world when he was growing up,” KP said. “Not everybody was treated like they were somebody. And I believe that you should treat everybody like it’s your birthday.”

“People looked at the color of their skin and that’s how they decided if they were friends or not,” KP said. “Not cool man.”

Not cool, indeed, Kid President.

Watch KP’s full story in the awesome video above.



MLK with Family