Kid President's Pep Talk Is The Only One We Need [VIDEO]

"Who do you know who needs some encouragement?" That's what Kid President, the "self-appointed voice" of our childrens' generation asks in his latest video, which we're going to go ahead and call his masterpiece. (That's high praise considering an earlier KP favorite of ours included oratory such as: "You grown-ups can invent stuff too. You just have to stop being boring.")

He releases new videos every week in conjunction with "Soul Pancake," Rainn Wilson's feel-good without feeling cheesy website, and in this one orders us -- "Pass this pep talk along and ... get the whole world to dance."

Roger that. You have our permission to watch this clip as many times as you need today. Because "NOT COOL ROBERT FROST."


(h/t Momastery)

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