Kid President Has An Important Message For Parents Planning Family Vacations

Summer is the season of pool parties, frozen treats and fun family vacations.

Robby Novak aka Kid President has an important message for parents planning summer travels with their children: Focus on making memories and enjoying quality time together. Speaking on behalf of his peers, he tells the moms and dads of the world, "All those fancy rollercoasters and things like room service -- that's cool. But we really just want to spend time with YOU."

"We want to have those moments that you might not realize are moments, but they are totally moments for us," he continues.

Kid President also offers to help parents create a great out of office email message, listing the activities moms and dads will be taking part in instead of working -- like late night ice cream parties, road trip games and burying family members in the sand.

"Let's all put our camera phones down!" he urges.

This kid certainly has his priorities straight!

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