Meet 'Kid President,' The 'Self-Appointed Voice Of A Generation'

We've seen President Obama dance -- but mostly just on special occasions. What if the president danced at the end of every official address?

That's one of many things that would be different if Kid President -- whose three YouTube videos have already won him a sizable audience -- really held the highest office in the land.

What Kid President lacks in eligibility for office, he makes up for in clever advice ("Don't be in a party. Be a party."), a cheery demeanor and undeniable confidence -- not to mention a campaign song that's bound to make him popular with Beliebers.

And while his vocabulary is still something of a work-in-progress, he does have a certain knack for oratory. Take, for example, this monologue from the video above:

The smartest people in the world are kids. I'll prove it to you ... Next time when you see a kid, say thank you. You grown-ups can invent stuff too. You just have to stop being boring. Like saying stuff like, "I don't like this." Say, "How can I make things better?" If it doesn't make the world better, don't do it.