Kid Takes A Spin With Race Car Driver Dad, Totally Loses It

When your dad is a race car driver, taking a ride in his car could end up being just as thrilling as a spin on a roller coaster.

That’s what race car driver Toxa Avdeyev’s 4-year-old son discovered recently when he went drifting with his speed demon papa. Gripping onto the sides of his seat, the little boy shrieked in awe as his dad whizzed around a race track. (According to Avdeyev, the drive took place on a special closed track where there were no other cars.)


This isn’t the first time that Avdeyev has taken his kid for a high-speed spin. Just last year, the daredevil dad uploaded a video of him and his then 3-year-old son drifting in his car.

We reminded you then, and we’ll say it again: Regardless of whether or not you’re a professional driver, remember to always drive carefully when children are in the car (or not!), and follow all safety precautions and traffic laws.



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