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WATCH: This Kid's Reaction To Meeting A Gay Couple For The First Time Is Priceless

Editor's Note: The video has been removed from this article at the request of the copyright holder. The video had previously circulated several years ago, and apparently resurfaced without permission.

Sometimes kids have the darnedest responses and sometimes they're the best.

When a little boy met a married gay couple for the very first time, he couldn't help but show his surprise. Then, he had some questions: Your husband's a boy? You're both husbands? So, that means you love each other?

After getting answers to all his questions, he simply moved right along with his day.

"Hey, I'm going to play ping-pong now," he said. "You can play if you want to."

Editor's Note: The Huffington Post has noted the video is similar to one that first circulated back in 2010, and is investigating the source of the video.

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