Kid Rock Blasts China-Made BBQ Grills Because 'Murica

He really gets up in their grill.

Kid Rock, the Donald Trump-supporting rocker, is throwing out red meat to his base ― and a grill to cook it on.

The musician has just released a line of grills called “American Badass,” the name of one of his songs. Rock said the grills are 100-percent American-made, and are his way of helping bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

Rock is using viral videos to promote his Badass Grills to Second Amendment enthusiasts as the heavy metal-rap equivalent of the George Foreman Grill. 

One video shows a woman using a catapult machine to fling a grill into the air, where Rock ― maybe ― blasts it with a shotgun. There’s no guarantee he’s the actual triggerman, since there’s an edit between his shot and the explosion of the grill. The name of the grill isn’t shown.

The other video shows Rock shooting a supposedly Chinese-made grill with a .50-caliber bullet. Again, there’s an explosion, but it’s not clear whether Rock is responsible. 

As Billboard.com points out, this isn’t Rock’s only product endorsement. He also is selling “God, Guns & Trump” shirts and “Make America Badass Again” baseball caps.

As important as it is to support American industry, Rock’s approach toward China-made products is a reminder there’s been an alarming uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans and other minorities since Trump was elected.

Still, Rock’s products may help him raise his profile if he chooses to run for a Senate seat in his home state of Michigan, as has been rumored by Fox News.

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