Kid Rock Goes Off In Politically Charged Tirade At Michigan Concert

The profanity-filled speech about Nazis and Black Lives Matter was caught on video.

Just when you thought you finally put his picture away for good, Kid Rock is back in the headlines after delivering a profanity-filled speech during his concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Wednesday night.

According to reports, the musician referenced Colin Kaepernick during the concert, saying, “And if you wanna take a knee or sit during our ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ call me a racist ’cause I’m not [politically correct], and think you have to remind me that Black Lives Matter.”

He continued, this time addressing white supremacists, “Nazis, fuckin’ bigots, and now again the KKK — I say screw all you assholes. Stay the fuck away!”

Part of the speech was captured on Instagram:

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The musician spoke about Jesus giving everyone strength to fight before saying, “Now let’s get down to brass tacks before I hit you with this funk.”

Following some unprovoked air-thrusting, the musician addressed his possible run for Senate, even taking things a step further.

“Like it or not, Hillary Clinton lost and your president is Donald mother fucking Trump. And if Kid Rock for Senate has got folks in disarray, wait ’till they hear Kid Rock for president of the USA,” he apparently said.

One group that doesn’t want to hear what Kid Rock has to say is the Detroit chapter of the National Action Network. As Entertainment Weekly reported, the civil rights group has called for the cancellation of the musician’s upcoming concerts at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

Though Kid Rock is from the city’s suburbs and has previously been honored by Detroit’s NAACP for his work in the community, his previous criticism of Kaepernick and use of the Confederate flag are said to have sparked the protest.



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