Kid Rock Doubles Down On Using Homophobic Slur In Bizarre Tweet

The singer claimed that if people did not like the slur he used, then they must be the slur he used.

Kid Rock is responding to the outcry over his use of a homophobic slur onstage by also using it on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the rock-rapper came under fire after TMZ posted a video showing him using a slur that refers to gay people while performing at a Tennessee bar on Saturday night.

In the footage, Kid Rock notices that audience members are filming him with their phones and yells, “You fucking faggots with your phones out!”

After Twitter users pointed out that his language was offensive, the singer responded with a tweet he bizarrely attributed to “Bob Ritchie” (his actual birth name).

“If Kid Rock using the word faggot offends you, good chance you are one. Either way, I know he has a lot of love for his gay friends and I will have a talk with him. Have a nice day. -Bob Ritchie,” he tweeted.

So far, no one identifying themself as a gay friend of Kid Rock has commented positively on the homophobic tweet, but there were plenty of people happy to set him straight.

Others had questions.

Another suspected Kid Rock’s tweet could offer a litmus test for whether cancel culture actually exists.

And one person had a message for both Kid Rock and Bob Ritchie.

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