Kids And Divorce: 'Split' Documentary Sheds Light On How Divorce Affects Children (VIDEO)

When you're a parent going through divorce, your chief concern often lies with how your children's lives will be altered by the split.

In the new documentary "Split," San Francisco filmmaker Ellen Bruno has children explain exactly how they were affected by their parents' divorces.

The doc, set to be released on June 8, features 12 kids -- ages six through 12 -- candidly sharing their feelings about their divorce and all the messy complications that come with it.

"Sometimes I think that because I'm mad or mean or I did something bad to them, I think it's my fault that they're divorced," says one girl in the trailer above.

"It's like something that you really love like breaks and you can't put it back together kind of," says another.

"The perfect family will never happen in the world," one boy says. "Nobody's perfect, nothing is perfect. Even if they make the most roundest circle in the world, it's never going to be perfect."

In a December 2012 interview with The Huffington Post, Bruno explained why she decided to let the kids share their experiences in their own words.

"Kids are wise and intuitive, and when given the space to share their experiences, they speak a truth that is clear and profound," Bruno said. "And kids listen to other kids, often far more attentively than they listen to adults."

For more information on "Split," head to the official site for the doc.

Click through the slideshow below to see children's artistic renderings of their parents' splits.

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