The Best Backyard Play Equipment To Create A Wonderland For Kids

Who needs an iPad when you have a trampoline and a splash pad in your backyard?

Back in the day, there was nothing more fun for kids than spending hours outside. These days, there are a lot of exciting options for kids inside: iPads, smartphones, the list (unfortunately) goes on.

If you’re hoping to get your kids off their screens and into the great outdoors, sprucing up your backyard with the right equipment can go a long way. From trampolines to splash pads, here’s everything you need to turn your backyard into a wonderland for kids.

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A play table, complete with an umbrella
Whether they want to use it for lunch or play time, this table from Little Tikes is perfect for kids who want a station that's just their size. As a nice bonus, on sunny days this umbrella will help keep them sunburn-free!
A 7-foot trampoline for backflips
From good old fashioned bouncing to gymnastics, there's a lot for kids to do on this trampoline. Plus, the netted safety enclosure makes it so they can't hurt themselves — a reassuring feature for all parents.
A splash pad for summer fun
When the weather warms up, a splash pad like this one can mean hours of fun. This 68-inch pad is durable, leakproof, and suitable for all kids over 18 months.
An indoor/outdoor slide
If you have a backyard without a ton of space—of if you want to take the fun indoors when the weather cools down—this Little Tikes slide, which is made of durable plastic and can accommodate kids up to 90 pounds, is a sure winner.
A backyard basketball hoop
Start 'em young with this basketball hoop that will get your kids out and moving in the backyard. This mini hoop will provide hours on entertainment, not to mention some healthy competition. It's a perfect size for toddlers.
A playhouse for hours of imaginative play
Tiny houses may be trendy for all age groups at the moment, but kids have always loved them. This little backyard play cottage will be a vessel for hours of imaginative play, and is perfect for kids between the ages of 2 and 8.
A play parachute
If you're looking for a fun activity for your kids and their friends, this 12-foot play parachute is perfect for making backyard tents. Plus, you can store it in a little bag, meaning when it's not in use it won't take up any space in your backyard at all.
An inflatable bounce house
Sure, a trampoline is fun, but have your kids tried a bounce house? This inflatable bounce house will take up quite a bit of space in your yard, but you can deflate it when you're not using it. As a nice bonus, it's perfect for kids' birthday parties when you don't want to hire a clown.
A badminton set
Older kids will love this volleyball and badminton set, a classic outdoor staple that will keep them entertained for hours. This set is easy to assemble and set up, and it's portable.
A swing set
Why trek to the playground when you can get everything you need in the comfort of your own backyard? If you have the space and you're willing to splurge, this swing set will guarantee hours of outdoor fun for your kids and their friends. After all, it does come with a rock climbing wall.
A roll-up keyboard

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