Kids Battling Cancer Go To Their 'Happy Places' In Dreamy Photos

“When I was getting anxious or scared, Mommy would say ‘Go to your happy place, go to your happy place.’"

A sweet photo project by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta helps kids with cancer go to their "happy places" -- whether they're imaginary islands or real places in the big world around them.

"For young patients battling childhood cancer at the Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center, the practice of 'going to your happy place' is more than just a catchphrase," the CHOA blog explains. "It’s a coping mechanism that can release endorphins and assist with pain management."

From the little girl who dreams of visiting a magical land of sparkles to the boy who simply wants to go home to his own room, these brave kids rely on their imaginations to help push through tough times. This photo series helps bring the places they imagine to life.

In time for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, watch the video above and keep scrolling for photos of the stories of five little cancer fighters in their happy places.

Hunter’s Happy Place: A Land of Dolphin Rides and Walrus Wizards
Lauren’s Happy Place: Where Everything is Sparkly
Alex’s Happy Place: Home
Mya’s Happy Place: Rio de Janiero
Justice’s Happy Place: Italian Picnic Surrounded by Wild Animals

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