Kids To Explain Budget Deficit During Tuesday's Republican Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

During Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate, the candidates will likely spar over the best way to cut the nation’s budget deficit, an issue so complicated that the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, one of the debate’s sponsors, hired children to explain it.

The debate, hosted by Bloomberg and The Washington Post, is centered on the economy, but in between hearing about Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan and the Texas Miracle, viewers will be able to watch cute kids elucidate the nation’s budget problem.

The introductory ad begins with a young girl sitting at a desk in front of a blackboard saying “during the course of this debate, you’ll be hearing a lot from me and my friends about the national debt. After all, we’re the ones who will be picking up the tab.”

The campaign features spots on interest from a young boy in glasses: “Interest piles up like a credit card and by 2055 interest payments will eat up 100 percent of all tax revenues.” And one on the national debt’s effect on the economy from another young boy wearing an argyle sweater.