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Kids Weigh In On The 2012 Election (VIDEO)

The 2012 election is quickly approaching, and Parenting magazine decided to catch up with some of the nation's most honest citizens to see what they have to say about it. visited a block party in Brooklyn, N.Y., to ask a group of children some questions about the November ballot.

"Our mission: to find out exactly what is on the minds of our littlest citizens," wrote Parenting. "They may not have the vote (yet!), but these kids have some serious opinions about the state of things. We at truly believe that the children are our future. And our future is, clearly, tiny Wonder Woman."

"Do you know who the president of the United States is?" asked the Parenting reporter.

"Um... Broccoli Yama," responded one adorable youngster.

Most did not get excited about the chance to live in the White House -- "I think my house is special," said one little girl -- and thought that belonging to one party meant having to miss the party thrown by the other.

None had dreams of becoming president one day, although they were OK with Wonder Woman or SpongeBob SquarePants taking the job.

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