Watch Kids Adorably Explain The Plots Of This Year's Best Picture Oscar Contenders

Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Elephant" is a revelation.

OK, so we know film buffs have been reading think piece after think piece about this year's Academy Awards to prepare for Sunday's ceremony, but now it's time for the most intellectually rigorous exploration of the Oscars yet: 

Kids explaining the plots of this year's Best Picture nominees. 

Fandango Movieclips has gathered a handful of youths to break down films like "The Big Short" ("It's about a big, tall person and a short person"), "The Martian," starring deceased president John F. Kennedy, and "Mad Max: Fury Road" ("One's mad and then the other wants to drive and then the other says, 'No, let's just take a nap.'").

Honestly, there's such a dearth of fresh ideas in Hollywood, it's only a matter of time before Hollywood starts mining that under-12 age group for screenplays. 



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